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Loneliness and Intimacy Part II

Satsang with ShambhaviWhy do we feel lonely and what can we do to relax attachment to this feeling? A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.

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In this tradition, we say that all of our tensions and karmas stem from what’s called in Sanskrit: anavamala. Mala means something that binds us, and anava means our sense of being an individual. So, anavamala means the binding of our self concept into that of being an individual. And, when I say being an individual, I don’t just mean having a unique individual personality. I mean literally being separate in space physically and having a separate consciousness and feeling separate. So anavamala means our root conviction that we’re separate. And this is the root of what we call dualistic karmic vision. That sounds fancy, but it’s not really hard to understand. Dualism means two, dual, and when we have the experience that there is more than one thing here, that’s dualistic vision. So, if I’m having the experience that I’m here, and you are there, and cushion is there, and cup is here, that’s dualistic karmic vision. It only becomes karmic vision when we think it’s all there is.

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