Jaya Kula is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization offering opportunities to learn and practice in the traditions of direct realization Tantra and Anandamayi Ma. Shambhavi Sarasvati is the spiritual director.

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New Sexual Harassment and Board Conduct Policies

We are pleased to announce that Jaya Kula now has a sexual harassment policy and a Code of Conduct for our Board of Directors.

The Jaya Kula community, our Spiritual Director and our Board of Directors are collectively determined to cultivate and sustain a crucible for waking up that embodies honesty, respect, open-heartedness and the alignment of purpose,  action and attitude.

Here are two new policies that express this determination. You can also find both of them at the bottom of the About Jaya Kula page.

Embodying the Heart of Virtue – the Jaya Kula Board of Directors’ Code of Conduct (PDF)

Jaya Kula Sexual Harassment Policy (PDF)