Wednesday Satsang -Sky

Come prepare a welcoming space for students at Matrika House, 159 State St. 2nd floor, Portland ME 04101.

Please only sign up for Key Holder or Designated Host if you have been trained.

Chai Wallah: Please make sure to use decaffeinated tea! Bring your supplies and brew while hosts are preparing the space. Please make enough chai for approximately 15 people. Here are some chai recipes if you don’t already have a favorite.

Get your Shiva Nature on!
Hosts please arrive at 5:30 pm.

Sign up below...

What When Name
What When Name
Designated HostMay 31, 2017 #1: Sadashiva S.
HostMay 31, 2017 #1: Santosha B.
Key HolderMay 31, 2017 #1: Santosha B.
Chai WallahMay 31, 2017 #1: Matri L.