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Immunize the Resistance by Protecting Your Ojas

According to Ayurveda, the ancient healing tradition of India, your immune system is most supported and nourished by two things: love and honesty.


Dhanvantari Lord of Ayurveda – painting by Dinesh Shrestha

Ojas refers to both the gross and subtle essence of immunity. Healthy ojas makes you cheerful, loving, compassionate, generous and resistant to both physical disease and more subtle negative influences. It gives you strength, stamina, equanimity and clarity. Healthy ojas means that we have enough “juice” to deal with life’s natural ups and downs.

When ojas is depleted, we can feel chronically malnourished, dry, disappointed, bitter, under attack, defensive, territorial, miserly, fragile and unable to handle or digest circumstances. We can tire or give up after only moderate effort. Our ability to see things through or “surf” life’s difficulties is impaired. We are also more likely to fall ill. Read On…

Entering the Bardo of Death

Entering the Bardo of Death” was written by Jaya Kula student Ambika Beber.

An experience of the dissolution of the five elements

According to Tantra and Ayurveda, when we die, we go through a process of reverse manifestation. The five elements and the functions they govern withdraw in stages that are the reverse of how they appeared when we were being created. Earth element withdraws into water. Water withdraws into fire. Fire withdraws into air, and air dissolves into space. 



This post has been contributed by Ambika, a student of Jaya Kula. It movingly describes the passing of Ambika’s sister through the lens of the dissolution of the five elements.

My sister died last month. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about five years ago. Last summer it metastasized to her liver. She lived another 15 months with Stage IV cancer. Read On…

The Energetics of Grinding Spices

The Ayurvedic tradition of healing makes use of many common herbs and spices. But the ground spices you buy  in the supermarket, even if they are organic, have impaired potency. And they just don’t taste as good as hand-ground spices.

In India, many if not most cooks grind their spices by hand using a stone and a roller. Certainly, a traditional Ayurvedic practitioner would not consider using commercially ground spices in medicinal formulas.

When spices are ground with home or commerical blade grinders, a lot of heat is generated. The spices have essentially been cooked before you buy them, thus significantly changing their taste and energetic qualities.

my ground spices Read On…

Ayurveda Tips for Autumn

Susan Fauman, Ayurvedic clinician, shares some of the wisdom about daily conduct and food that Ayurveda offers to ease our transition into autumn.

10658979_10205313705581703_2822324978732436861_oAs the air dries and becomes cooler in the autumn, our system dries out as well and we may experience anxiety, insomnia, constipation, dry skin and cracking joints.

Abhyanga, or application of oil to the skin before bathing, can be of great benefit at this time of year. Try using organic sunflower oil with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Warm the oil gently and massage it over your whole body before taking a warm shower.

Increasing oil in your food is also a good idea.

Autumn meals should be warm and grounding. It is a good time of year for soups and stews to come back into the diet. If you have a slow-cooker or a crock pot, now is the time to start using it again.

Rest also becomes more important this time of year. Make sure to get a full night’s sleep, and take naps if you can to keep your immunity strong. Rest is the number one factor which helps toreduce the experience of “windiness” or vata dosha in the body and mind. Read On…

incense smoke

The Karma of Marijuana

Shambhavi Sarasvati

Shambhavi Sarasvati

Many people claim that marijuana is harmless, and they make reasonable arguments in favor of its recreational use. But when we investigate marijuana as spiritual practitioners, the View is a little different.

If you are a spiritual practitioner, or someone who wants to decrease your karmic entanglements, please consider these points. Read On…