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red mala

108 Steps to the End of Time

When you ask a question about numbers and their significance in Indian spiritual traditions, you are likely to encounter a pyramid scheme of ever-proliferating, arcane explanations.

What is the significance of the three prongs on Shiva’s trident? Turns out there are way more than three contenders for the best answer. Why do scriptures say that the human body contains 64,000 subtle channels? Why are female deities so often described as being fifteen or sixteen years old? How long is the Kali Yuga? Careers spent proposing answers to this last one just might account for a significant percentage of India’s economy.

But the question I get most often is:  Why does a mala have 108 beads? Read On…

What are Chakras?

Getting Real about the Fruits of Spiritual Practice

. . . and then, a shining being of light appeared before me . . . my chakras whirred at 100mph . . . the world disappeared . . . all  dissolved in bliss. . . NOT!

Prostration practice


What do the fruits of consistent spiritual practice really feel like for most of us most of the time? Here are how some Jaya Kula students are experiencing themselves and the world as a result of their sadhana. Read On…

Tantrik Healing

Five Element BodyOccasionally, people have announced to me that they are “Tantrik healers.” What they generally mean, as far as I can tell, is that they feel they have learned to manipulate other people’s energy, or transfer energy to other people, or mess around with people’s “chakras.”

I put chakras in quotes because hardly anyone, including so-called Tantrik healers, actually knows what a chakra is. Alternatively, some of the people who have given themselves this label are doing sexual massage.

While a healer will use whatever is necessary to do that work, a real Tantrik, or Daoist, or other healer is ultimately working with time. Read On…


When I first heard of chakras, I spent quite a bit of time learning about their functions, symbolism and meanings. If you had asked me back then, I would have talked very confidently about these. And you certainly would have heard me rattling on about “my chakras” and “my energy body.” Now I know it would be more accurate for my chakras to refer to me as “my person.” Read On…