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Death, Community and Continuity

“Death, Community and Continuity” was written by Jaya Kula student Matridarshana Lamb.

bonnie initiation

Bonnie, summer 2014

Our friend Bonnie Jo showed up at Kashi House in the spring of 2014. She fell instantly in love with Anandamayi Ma, with our teacher Shambhavi and with the entire Jaya Kula community. She was initiated that summer, cured of Hep C in the fall and diagnosed with liver cancer in April of 2015.

As any of us would, she tried hard to survive. There was chemo, then radical liver surgery, then rehab. In late August, she learned that the cancer had returned with a vengeance, and she began preparing to die. Read On…

Entering the Bardo of Death

Entering the Bardo of Death” was written by Jaya Kula student Ambika Beber.

An experience of the dissolution of the five elements

According to Tantra and Ayurveda, when we die, we go through a process of reverse manifestation. The five elements and the functions they govern withdraw in stages that are the reverse of how they appeared when we were being created. Earth element withdraws into water. Water withdraws into fire. Fire withdraws into air, and air dissolves into space. 



This post has been contributed by Ambika, a student of Jaya Kula. It movingly describes the passing of Ambika’s sister through the lens of the dissolution of the five elements.

My sister died last month. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about five years ago. Last summer it metastasized to her liver. She lived another 15 months with Stage IV cancer. Read On…

Time is Passing

10432417045_af57a5b134_zThe Dzogchen master, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, begins every teaching by reminding students: You are human. Time is passing.

I have written previously on Jaya Kula that obtaining a human birth is considered to be a precious opportunity to do spiritual practice or sadhana. That is the first aspect of Rinpoche’s reminder. The second aspect–time is passing–means you are going to die. Read On…

Tantrik Healing

Five Element BodyOccasionally, people have announced to me that they are “Tantrik healers.” What they generally mean, as far as I can tell, is that they feel they have learned to manipulate other people’s energy, or transfer energy to other people, or mess around with people’s “chakras.”

I put chakras in quotes because hardly anyone, including so-called Tantrik healers, actually knows what a chakra is. Alternatively, some of the people who have given themselves this label are doing sexual massage.

While a healer will use whatever is necessary to do that work, a real Tantrik, or Daoist, or other healer is ultimately working with time. Read On…

Anandamayi MA’s Birthday

April 30 is Sri MA Anandamayi’s jayanti, or birthday.When MA was alive, her devotees celebrated her birthday with lavish ritual.

MA said:

This body says that it was not born. But by celebrating such occasions, there is an increase of devotion, true knowledge, and satsang among devotees, and therefore I do not object to these activities. I enjoy them as others enjoy them. [MA called herself “this body.”]

There are riches of teachings in these few words. Read On…