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God has no Mission (so neither do you)

Mary and GaneshaMissionary zeal infects many of us spiritualesque human-realmers. From sweet ladies strolling door-to-door brandishing hokey God comix to yogis claiming to be expanding consciousness and ushering in the Satya Yuga to self-appointed pandits gleefully deflating the “unscientific” claims of yogis and declaring Gurus defunct — it’s all on a continuum, folks.

Missionary zeal takes a few characteristic forms, and they are all aggressively self-protective. Read On…

Life @ Play

Yes, I and a bunch of Jaya Kula students are moving from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine. I’ve heard rumors that some people think this is cray-zeee. Crazy to move from Portland to Portland. Crazy to follow a teacher across the country.

“You people don’t realize it, but sadhana is just playfulness.” −Anandamayi Ma

When my astrology teacher told me that the best place for Jaya Kula was Portland, Maine, I laughed heartily. What great alchemy for everyone! Who can take such a move too seriously? Perfect.

Now, many more people than I expected are moving. I think the fundamental silliness of a move from Portland to Portland is a contributing factor. Despite the hard work of packing and uprooting, there is a feeling of adventure and fun permeating the entire enterprise. Why not? Detachment means not taking ourselves too seriously.

Anandamayi Ma laughing

Anandamayi Ma laughing

Some of the ancient Tantras refer to the human realm as the Mansion of Fun. It is not fun, of course, when we spend our lives wringing our hands and worrying about every move we make. The real fun only begins when we participate with a spirit of playfulness. Read On…

How to Make Ghee

Ghee, or Indian-style clarified butter, is super-easy to make. It’s also a wonderful, tri-doshic food that nourishes your tissues, emotions, senses, and mind. In fact, one of the ancient ayurvedic treatments for depression is to gaze into a warm, fragrant bowl of melted ghee for 20 minutes each morning. Ghee

Ghee is safe for every constitution (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). It is especially soothing for Vata and Pitta. If you have an active Kapha imbalance-or the season, or day, or your general environment is Kapha provoking-you may want to moderate your intake of ghee.

You can use ghee in cooking wherever butter or oil is called for. Because ghee is solid at room temperature, it is not suitable for salad dressings.

Ghee is also the gold standard for burning in offering lamps (jyotir), and can even be used for self-massage. Ghee infused with various herbal preparations is a standard treatment in Ayurveda. Read On…

Anandamayi MA’s Birthday

April 30 is Sri MA Anandamayi’s jayanti, or birthday.When MA was alive, her devotees celebrated her birthday with lavish ritual.

MA said:

This body says that it was not born. But by celebrating such occasions, there is an increase of devotion, true knowledge, and satsang among devotees, and therefore I do not object to these activities. I enjoy them as others enjoy them. [MA called herself “this body.”]

There are riches of teachings in these few words. Read On…