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Spirituality, Political Engagement and Non-dual Tantra

A Conversation with Shambhavi Sarasvati

Shambhavi got together recently with Jacob Kyle from Embodied Philosophy to chat about the intersection of spiritual practice, politics and social justice. In the video, Shambhavi responds to criticism she’s received about being a politically engaged spiritual teacher, and she talks about the Tantrik View of manifest life as a theater of engagement and participation.


A Difficult Transit


crowsHave you been feeling impulsive and fighty lately? Right now, Mars, Ketu and the Sun are transiting the constellation Pisces. The combination might make for some unhappy endings due to impulse-gone-wild, aggression, unappreciated cunning, accidents-through-mindlessness or loss of sense of purpose.

But wait. It gets worse.  Read On…

God has no Mission (so neither do you)

Mary and GaneshaMissionary zeal infects many of us spiritualesque human-realmers. From sweet ladies strolling door-to-door brandishing hokey God comix to yogis claiming to be expanding consciousness and ushering in the Satya Yuga to self-appointed pandits gleefully deflating the “unscientific” claims of yogis and declaring Gurus defunct — it’s all on a continuum, folks.

Missionary zeal takes a few characteristic forms, and they are all aggressively self-protective. Read On…

American Mahatma vs. the Greatness Virus

aka 9 ways to discover your innate goodness and forget about being Great


Here in the U.S., we suffer from a terrible virus. We catch it at a young age and most of us virusdie with it running rampant in our systems after a lifetime of uncontrolled replication.

The virus is so ubiquitous, many of think it is who we are. We don’t notice it sucking our time, energy, attention and joy. In fact, the more infected we are, the more “successful” we are likely to be, the more acclaim we will garner and the more money we are likely to earn.

Unfortunately, no matter how successful we become at meeting the demands of the virus, the more impaired is our ability to feel satisfaction, contentment or fulfillment. This virus has one ceaseless demand: become Greater, and Greater and then Greater still. Read On…

Danielle van Ark sand mandala

Impermanent Monarchy

Impermanence is not just for Buddhists. Walking through the Rijksakademie graduate student annual art exhibit this morning, I came across this sand mandala created by Danielle van Ark. Fragile grains trace the pattern of a king’s floor tapestry replete with royal insignia.

Bon voyage, all.