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9 Poisons 9 Medicines 9 Fruits

OM Batik

This year, I started giving a teaching cycle called 9 Poisons 9 Medicines 9 Fruits.

The poisons are habits of body, energy and mind that create obstacles in our spiritual practice and life in general. The medicines are circumstances that wisdom serves up to help us to clear out the poisons. The fruits are how life feels from a less karmically-conditioned perspective. Read On…

Roaring Karma



Roaring Karma is the second in a series of posts by Jaya Kula students. 

After four years of doing sadhana, I’ve gained some clarity. I actually see more, for which my housemates must assuredly be thankful! But clarity doesn’t distinguish between what’s pleasing and what’s painful to see. I’ve had my nose rubbed repeatedly in the reek of my fixations. It stinks, it stings, it catalyzes. Read On…

Transcendence is in the Details

Anandamayi Ma

Anandamayi Ma

Despite her unparalleled degree of realization, Anandamayi Ma delighted in discussing with her devotees the minutest aspects of their lives. Nothing was too small to escape her scrutiny – from housework, diet and clothing to everyday disagreements and the mundane emotional reactivity of those around her.

In fact, every great teacher gets into the daily “business” of the most committed students. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche even used to show up at the homes of his students unannounced in the middle of the night. He woke them up in order to see how they would react. Was their practice really integrated and becoming seamless. . . or not? Read On…

Astrology and Freedom

nakshatrasNearly everyone, including experienced astrologers, talks about the planets causing us to do this or that in our lives.

Or people say, often with great glee, “such and such is happening because of my astrology.”

The Sanskrit word for planet is “Graha,” or “Grabber.” The planets are said to seize humans with their powerful influences.

The fact is, we are not seized by planets and stars. We are seized by the results of our own habitual, limited actions. Read On…

Is Karma Punishment?

A Jaya Kula reader asked if we will be punished by Mahasiddhas or other accomplished beings if we do something inappropriate. Read On…