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Stayin’ Together, Stayin’ Alive

My friend and student, Dayavati, died of triple negative, metastasized breast cancer.  At least that’s what the Western docs said.

During the last few years of her illness, she and I spoke on the phone frequently. Dayavati often expressed a desire to return to her native Jamaica, move into a beach-side cabin and contemplate the ocean until the end came.

She said she wanted to be alone.

That wasn’t true. Or at least, it wasn’t her deepest truth. Read On…

Temple in woods

Depression and Spiritual Growth

The word “depression” means a dip or low point. It also relates to the concept of depressurization. We puff ourselves up with grandiose ideas and ambitions. Similarly, we create puffed-up dramas of our own debasement. We fortify our ego with all kinds of expectations and projections. Then, our Guru and our sadhana come along like a big, sharp golden nail to pierce our egos and let the air out.

Whoosh! Suddenly, we are in the dumps. Depression brought about in the course of steady spiritual practice can be a sign that some ego fixations have been punctured. We have come down from our lofty, dramatic heights, but we are not yet quite ready to meet and greet Reality with open arms. Depression, in this case, fills a kind of emptiness that was always there, but has not yet been recognized as the setting for real growth. Old patterns are on the way out, and the new has not yet arrived. The ego throws a depression “fit” to fill the vacuum.

When we are depressed, we often want to curl up and turn our back on the world. But for the practitioner, this is the time to show true grit and recommit to health cultivation, conscious engagement with the world and meditation. Read On…