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108 Steps to the End of Time

When you ask a question about numbers and their significance in Indian spiritual traditions, you are likely to encounter a pyramid scheme of ever-proliferating, arcane explanations.

What is the significance of the three prongs on Shiva’s trident? Turns out there are way more than three contenders for the best answer. Why do scriptures say that the human body contains 64,000 subtle channels? Why are female deities so often described as being fifteen or sixteen years old? How long is the Kali Yuga? Careers spent proposing answers to this last one just might account for a significant percentage of India’s economy.

But the question I get most often is:  Why does a mala have 108 beads? Read On…

How to Use a Mala

Hi Everyone, I just made a new video – How to Use a Mala. Check it out if you want detailed and clear instructions for using a 108 bead mala to do mantra practice (mantra japa) in the Hindu style. Thanks to Scott Tanaka for shooting and editing!

Women, Anandamayi Ma and the Gayatri Mantra

In 1936 in Varanasi, Anandamayi Ma announced her desire to give Gayatri mantra initiation to two of her female disciples. This would be the first public initiation of women into the Gayatri mantra in hundreds of years — and it was captured on film. Read On…

108 Names of Anandamayi Ma Chanting Video

We're just a bunch of Anandamayi Ma geeks.

Mantra Practice

malasMany people want to do mantra practice (japa), but do not have mantra initiation. No problem. Here’s how to practice mantra correctly if you do not have initiation. I am including a few MP3 recordings of mantras that you can practice safely and benefit from. There is also a video demonstration of how to count mantras on a mala. Read On…