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Tantrik Healing

Five Element BodyOccasionally, people have announced to me that they are “Tantrik healers.” What they generally mean, as far as I can tell, is that they feel they have learned to manipulate other people’s energy, or transfer energy to other people, or mess around with people’s “chakras.”

I put chakras in quotes because hardly anyone, including so-called Tantrik healers, actually knows what a chakra is. Alternatively, some of the people who have given themselves this label are doing sexual massage.

While a healer will use whatever is necessary to do that work, a real Tantrik, or Daoist, or other healer is ultimately working with time. Read On…

Tantrik Powers

hard meditationOther than sex, power is the most sought-after Tantrik commodity. What kind of power? Well, the usual: the power to magnetize women to have sex or fall in love with you, the power to get rich without working, the power to show everyone that you are powerful. Sound like Self-realization to you?

I could tell you stories about so-called practitioners who have gone mad with power or become possessed by other beings in the pursuit of power. But let me tell you this story instead.

When Swami Vishnu-devananda was a young man, he heard of a famous Guru in Rishikesh: Swami Sivananda. He traveled to the ashram there, and although he sought teachings, also in his mind was the thought: “I’m not going to bow down (prostrate) to any man!” As a young spiritual go-getter, Swami Vishnu-devananda had a lot of pride.

For several days, he did not meet the Guru, but always in his mind was the determination not to prostrate himself no matter how great a being this Guru turned out to be. Then one morning, as he rounded a corner of a building, immediately in front of him was the imposing figure of Swami Sivananda. Those of you who know Swami Sivananda know how tall and large a person he was. Before the young man could decide how to get out of the way, the Guru threw himself at the student’s feet in a full prostration. Swami Vishnu-devananda’s heart melted. His painful feelings of pride vanished in an instant as he received this life-changing transmission of understanding and compassion. (Read the entire story in “How I met Master“) Read On…

Devi awake

Beginning Tantra

It is not possible to devise a single, absolutely clear and true definition of Tantra. One reason is because Tantra has enjoyed so many different forms of expression in so many times and places. Read On…

Manifest This!

If you think you are manifesting everything in your life, then manifest a solid gold egg right now!

How did you do?

Read On…