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Getting Real about the Fruits of Spiritual Practice

. . . and then, a shining being of light appeared before me . . . my chakras whirred at 100mph . . . the world disappeared . . . all  dissolved in bliss. . . NOT!

Prostration practice


What do the fruits of consistent spiritual practice really feel like for most of us most of the time? Here are how some Jaya Kula students are experiencing themselves and the world as a result of their sadhana. Read On…

Awareness is not Grasping

Water Offering

Water Offering

Each morning, my Tibetan housemate filled copper offering bowls to the brim with fresh water. She then walked slowly and steadily to the altar room, her gaze undistracted so as not to spill any precious drops along the way.

Why did she not pour somewhat less water into the bowls and make her task easier? Read On…

With God to Our Right

Dakshina is a beautiful Sanskrit word with many related usages. Pradakshinaya means circumambulation of a respected person or deity with one’s right side facing that person or image. This is done at the conclusion of every Tantrik puja. Indian temples have special walkways that circle the inner sanctums where the deities reside. Read On…

Tantrik Achamanam

You may never meditate, prostrate, or circumambulate. You may not know asana from ascii, or kriyas from Krispy Cremes. But if you have spent any time at all hanging around Hindu or Tantrik types, you have likely performed achamanam. Read On…