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Immunize the Resistance by Protecting Your Ojas

According to Ayurveda, the ancient healing tradition of India, your immune system is most supported and nourished by two things: love and honesty.


Dhanvantari Lord of Ayurveda – painting by Dinesh Shrestha

Ojas refers to both the gross and subtle essence of immunity. Healthy ojas makes you cheerful, loving, compassionate, generous and resistant to both physical disease and more subtle negative influences. It gives you strength, stamina, equanimity and clarity. Healthy ojas means that we have enough “juice” to deal with life’s natural ups and downs.

When ojas is depleted, we can feel chronically malnourished, dry, disappointed, bitter, under attack, defensive, territorial, miserly, fragile and unable to handle or digest circumstances. We can tire or give up after only moderate effort. Our ability to see things through or “surf” life’s difficulties is impaired. We are also more likely to fall ill. Read On…

The Monster’s Feet – a Dream Allegory

Last night I dreamt about a monster. In the dream, I recognized that I had seen the same monster before in other dreams. I understood who he was and what he would do.

People around me were treating the monster as a spiritual teacher. But I knew that at some point, the monster would drop its human guise and reveal its true nature. I knew that the monster would devour its worshippers. Read On…

The Yoga and Science Meme

Back when I was a grad student at Stanford University, I belonged to a working group of scientists, social scientists, artists, writers, performers, mathematicians, engineers, historians and cultural theorists. We got together and talked about the intersections of our disciplines. We staged “happenings,” put on performances and built things together, kind of like a different style of Burning Man. Read On…

God Realm

Romp Around the Realms: God Realm

God • Titan • Human • AnimalHungry ghostHell

These are the names of the six realms, or lokas in Sanskrit.  The realms represent the six styles in which human beings lose touch with their real nature and experience suffering, aka, karma.

The six realms are written about in Indian epic literature and teachings texts. They were organized into a system of spiritual practice by Tibetan Buddhist masters.

The realms are our karmic projections. We all “do” all of the realms at some point or another, often in quick succession! Despite the fact that the realms are about compulsive habits of body, energy and mind, each of them contains a seed of pure wisdom that, under the influence of spiritual practice, will sprout and blossom.

When we do sadhana, we begin to step out of the realms. Our clarity, spontaneity and freedom of expression increase.

Read On…

Stayin’ Together, Stayin’ Alive

My friend and student, Dayavati, died of triple negative, metastasized breast cancer.  At least that’s what the Western docs said.

During the last few years of her illness, she and I spoke on the phone frequently. Dayavati often expressed a desire to return to her native Jamaica, move into a beach-side cabin and contemplate the ocean until the end came.

She said she wanted to be alone.

That wasn’t true. Or at least, it wasn’t her deepest truth. Read On…