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Matri in the Ganga

Three Impediments to Confidence

Satsang with ShambhaviShambhavi riffs on what stops us from having confidence in ourselves and in God.

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The ways that people have devised to protect themselves from openness and naturalness are very complex and convoluted. And yet, at the same time, pretty much everybody wants to have their practice bear extraordinary fruit very quickly. There’s somewhat of a contradiction here.

That desire for quick results and more even, than quick results, just quick greatness, is part of our karmic tartar build-up. Before we can really enter full on into our practice, a certain amount of clearing out has to be done. And this can take a very long time. When I say, “Before we go full on into the path,” I mean before we really have a deep taste of what it means to surrender into naturalness. What I mean by getting really full on into the path is having a clear and embodied ability to surrender into naturalness and to have the practice begin speaking to us and doing us, rather than us just doing the practice to get a certain result, or just to become great. In order to be able to surrender like that, into just the whatever of life, whatever’s happening, we have to have some real confidence.

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