Jaya Kula is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization offering opportunities to learn and practice in the traditions of direct realization Tantra and Anandamayi Ma. Shambhavi Sarasvati is the spiritual director.

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Hello and Welcome

We are a bunch of folks who share the desire to discover more about reality and consciousness. Our spiritual practice is rooted in the traditions of Trika Shaivism and Dzogchen

We try our best (and sometimes manage) to approach our day-to-day lives as an opportunity to wake up. Most of us also maintain a substantial daily seated practice.  We like mantra, meditation, kriya yoga, kirtan, ritual, hatha yoga, seva and Ayurvedic self care. Shambhavi Sarasvati is our Spiritual Director.

Our main teaching centers are at 159 State Street in Portland, Maine and at Daya Foundation in Portland, Oregon.