Babies on the Path

Mamas and Babies
November 29, 2017

Three Jaya Kula students, all acupuncturists by trade, have given birth in the past few months! We asked our new mamas to offer their reflections on the intersection of parenthood and spiritual practice. Here’s what they had to say!


Having a child has actually been really supportive for my spiritual path. Since so much of my time and energy is devoted to caring for my new daughter, I’m getting in touch with how finite my time and energy actually are! This has helped me prioritize what I really want to do, and how I want to live. Spiritual practice has emerged at the top of that priority list.

A good portion of what I have to give goes to my daughter. What remains of my precious Shakti belongs to me. I don’t want to waste it now that I know how precious it is; I want to use it for my own awakening and the benefit of all beings.


One thing that has changed for me is that I am hardly doing seated practice. Sometimes I miss it, and other times I barely think about it. It has been a challenge with sleep deprivation and also not having much down time from baby care. Perhaps those are just excuses, but that is where I am at right now.

My daughter is full-time practice. She reminds me daily, whether I embrace it or not, to remain open so that I can see how to adapt to her constantly changing needs and growth. She is full of surprises, which reminds me of the awe and wonder that is innate to reality.

The nature of babies is so up and down, I constantly try to remember the teaching that “everything is fine.” Being a parent is not easy, but hopefully it will teach me to be more at ease. Her sweetness and smiles surely make little cracks in my hard shell of “not being able to enjoy life” syndrome.


The second baby has been easier in terms of knowing what to expect and being a little more relaxed about things. Bedtime, nah! Food, at some point! Naps, occasionally! Dirty hair, yes!

The biggest thing I’m feeling into as a parent raising these two boys is gender karma. Last week a family member told my toddler to “man up” while he was having a whining moment. What does that even mean?!

I want to raise kind-hearted human beings, or at least give them that example as best I can. I desire freedom of expression for my boys, and ease and love and laughter.

I’m trying to get out of their way and keep them safe while doing it. I hope I can help guide them in discovering what it means for them to be a boy in an open-hearted and creative way.

Being a parent on the path of awakening is so much fun and also really hard.

I have no idea what I’m doing and it changes every day. It’s improv all the time. I have to let go of control again and again and again.