Because I Am This

October 3, 2019

Because I am this,
I train to see the lights
unfurling like brilliant smoke
reaching from all to all.

At night I wake in dreams
so I can help myself wake
during the bardo of the days.

Knowing I’m not apart,
I listen to wisdom’s voice
speaking from behind
the curtain of ordinary mind.

Because my body is without end,
I drop self-concepts and address
the textures and flows
filling even so-called space.

And when I’m granted the precious sight
of the five eyes,
I practice seeing what’s really going on
not just in linear time.

My teacher has gone,
so I constantly explore
other ways to follow her lead.

I don’t sit around waiting
for sudden enlightenment.
That would be dull.
I don’t keep
to the narrow lanes.
I experiment extravagantly with
body, energy, and mind
so I can meet this,
however it plays.

~Shambhavi Sarasvati

Image used with the kind permission of the artist: Simona Marziani.