A Difficult Transit

Messy Hair
March 16, 2015

Have you been feeling impulsive and fighty lately? Right now, Mars, Ketu and the Sun are transiting the constellation Pisces. The combination might make for some unhappy endings due to impulse-gone-wild, aggression, unappreciated cunning, accidents-through-mindlessness or loss of sense of purpose.

But wait. It gets worse.

Saturn just went retrograde. So add a dash (no make that a cement truck) of heaviness and being challenged to sober up and look in the mirror in the midst of it all.

But wait. It gets worse.

Moon enters Pisces, joining Mars, Ketu and the Sun, around 9pm EST on March 19th and stays there until 9pm on March 21 EST.

crowsThis is a combination that, as one astrologer I like says, can indicate serial killer on the loose. Not to mention, I quoth: “thoughts of bloodshed, sharp objects, wars, and fighting” and thinking of “doing certain unethical things to others and finding it enjoyable.” (Conjunctions at the Speed of Light, Kapiel Raaj)

But wait. It gets worse.

There’s a solar eclipse on the 20th. You may feel disconnected from your spiritual wellspring, struggling to find that usually reliable source of nourishment and ground in the dark.

What does this mean for sadhikas? Well, it’s like having a crazy drug in your system and using the opportunity to remain centered and connected to source.

You’ll have to make a mighty effort. But do it. It’s worth finding out that absolutely nothing, not even astrology, not even your own demons, can cut you off from essence nature, from God and Guru if you are determined and devoted.

Finally, on March 23rd – Mars goes into Aires. Whew! Saturn is still retrograde, but after all this, what’s a little heaviness between friends?