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Resting in the Cave of the Heart ~ Jaya Kula’s Summer Retreat

July 24 2021

Saturday, Jul 24, 2021


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Live Venue

The Green Yogi

1642 Martin Luther King Jr Way

Berkeley, California


Live Streams

July 22- 26th ~ Join Shambhavi and the Jaya Kula community for our first in-person retreat since early 2020!

Resting in the Cave of the Heart will be a sadhana-focused, non-residential gathering in Berkeley, California. The retreat will also be livestreamed. Come and immerse yourself in the direct encounter with the living wisdom of the heart through shastra, mantra, puja, meditation, kirtan, and our annual Guru Purnima celebration.

Resting in the Cave of the Heart

Jaya Kula’s theme for 2021 has been worship. We have been exploring natural worship through explorations of the the heart space, also called the cave of the heart.

The Heart, whose nature is consciousness, is the supreme resting place of all. ~Abhinavagupta

During our summer retreat, we will deepen this exploration through:

  • Contemplative teachings about the heart and its relationship to wisdom, virtue, cosmology, the absolute, and relative experience from the traditions of Trika Shaivism and Dzogchen
  • Heart-based mantra, meditation, and kriya yoga
  • Kirtan
  • Our annual Guru Purnima puja and celebration

Our overarching focus will be familiarizing ourselves with the natural state and entering into a profound state of rest while immersed in the living presence of the heart space. 


In order to protect our community, all attendees must be fully vaccinated before attending. We understand that you might have reasons for not getting vaccinated, but we cannot make any exceptions to this rule.

We will be keeping track of the latest, most scientific information available and will be following all current government recommendations related to masking and social distancing for churches at the time of the retreat. As these are rapidly changing, we cannot make any definite policies about masking and social distancing at this time. However, we are hoping to hold the retreat unmasked.

While at the moment, the pandemic is waning in California, there is some chance that the in-person aspect of the retreat will be canceled due to an unforseen COVID-19 surge. In this unfortunate case, you will still be able to attend online. We cannot be responsible for losses due to the purchase of air tickets, rental housing, or any expense related to the retreat other than the retreat fee.


About the teacher

Shambhavi Sarasvati

Shambhavi emphasizes the more explicitly devotional teachings and practices of Trika Shaivism and Dzogchen and direct knowing through encounters with the wisdom of the heart. She is also known for making complex teachings about the nature of the self and reality understandable, practical, and always relatable to everyday experience. Her teachings are grounded in her more than thirty-five years of daily personal practice and personal retreats.

Generosity is a fountain of living light at the heart of creation. Having opened your heart and recognized its identity with the heart of the divine, you want to be here giving and giving throughout your natural lifetime. This is the essence of realization.” ~Shambhavi

You can read more about Shambhavi’s background, training and publications here.


July 22, 2pm – 9pm Pacific.
July 23, 9am – 9pm Pacific. Guru Purnima at 7pm Pacific.
July 24, 9am – 9pm Pacific.
July 25, 9am – 9pm Pacific.
July 26, 9am – noon Pacific.


The Green Yogi –  1642 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley, CA 94709


Regular: $400
Low-income: $300
Sponsoring: $500

Housing and Meals

Housing and meals are not provided. There will be ample time allotted to go out for meals or cook at home or in a rental.


If you don’t see the registration module below, please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. All Jaya Kula teachings offer “regular” and “low-income” options for registration. Just choose the option that’s appropriate for you.

If you find that you cannot afford the low-income fee, please email Nirmana, Jaya Kula’s administrator.

The “sponsoring” option is a higher donation amount. 100% of the difference between the “regular” registration fee and the “sponsoring” amount will be used to assist students who cannot afford the low-income fee.

The “Lakshmi’s Cupboard” option is for people not attending this teaching who wish to assist others to attend.  Please write “Lakshmi” in the message line when making your donation so that your contribution can be earmarked for students in need.

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Jul 24, 2021
9:00 am-9:00 pm
$300 – $500
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The Green Yogi
1642 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley, California 94709