dashamamsha is sanskrit for "giving a tenth."

dashamamshaDashamamsha refers to the time-honored practice, in both Hindu and other spiritual traditions, of offering the first fruits of one’s labor to God.

When you join Dashamamsha, you support the teachings, the teacher and our Mandala by giving a percentage of your income.

In most cases, people who participate in Dashamamsha may attend all satsangs, regular and special teachings, live-streams, on-going teaching cycles and retreats without making further donations.

Dashamamsha opens the way for you to enjoy more ease and freedom in coming to teachings, and it is a direct expression of your participation in Jaya Kula as members of a householder spiritual family.

We encourage you to read the Dashamamsha Program Flyer below and then decide if you would like to participate.

Read the Dashamamsha Program Flyer 2022

If you have any questions about Dashamamsha, you can ask on the MGO channel on Slack. A Board member will respond. You can also contact Alexandra, Devamadhu or Sahaji privately with your questions, or to enroll.

If you’re already a Dasmamamsha member, use this button to make your monthly or quarterly donation.