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Leave a Legacy Gift to Jaya Kula.
Create Lasting Value.

One way to express your commitment to benefitting others and helping them to wake up is to remember Jaya Kula in your will.

Your legacy gift will nourish and energize the Jaya Kula Mandala and help to spread the teachings by:

  • Supporting our existing activities and Shambhavi’s teaching (in case you pop off before Shambhavi does!);
  • Creating opportunities for our community to gather together and practice for the long-term;
  • Ensuring that Shambhavi’s teachings in video, audio and books are accessible and available even after she “leaves this body”;
  • Creating and maintaining facilities where students can undertake personal retreats at low cost;
  • Developing opportunities for Mandala children to learn about Ayurveda, yoga and spirituality; and
  • Helping community members when they have a life crisis.

express your heartfelt desire to benefit others for generations to come.

Three Ways to Leave a Legacy to Jaya Kula

Leaving a legacy gift to Jaya Kula is not complicated. All you need to do is decide what you want to leave and specify your wishes clearly in your will. You have several options.

ONE: Leave a specific legacy to Jaya Kula

You may decide to give Jaya Kula a specific amount of money. Alternately, you can decide to leave specific possessions, such as stock shares or property.

TWO: Name Jaya Kula as an heir

A second option is to name Jaya Kula as a beneficiary in your will. This involves leaving a specific percentage of your estate to Jaya Kula.

THREE: Make Jaya Kula your sole beneficiary

A third option is to leave your entire estate to Jaya Kula.


Leaving a legacy gift to Jaya Kula means that 100% of your gift will go to support our community and your intention to benefit others. There is no inheritance tax on gifts to 501(c)3 religious organizations.

If you decide to name Jaya Kula in your will, please let Bhanudas, our Board Treasurer know so that we can keep a record of your gift. Thanks for considering!

And if you’d like to give a one-time donation, visit the Giving page.