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Supporting the Mandala for
Self-realizing Beings

What is the Trident Fund and Why is it Important?

The Trident Fund is a vessel for sustaining and nurturing the activities of Jaya Kula, its teacher and students. Donors to the Trident Fund pledge to make a substantial annual contribution for three years.

Trident FundThe three-year pledges of Trident Fund donors give Jaya Kula the ability to plan and act on longer-term, community-building initiatives. Trident Fund donors also ensure that we are able, as a Mandala of practitioners, to skillfully respond to changing circumstances. We can take a big step, or wait for the “ripe” time to act, knowing that we have the enduring support of our community.

Trident Fund donors are the most important factor in creating the strong financial foundation we need to achieve our mission:  hosting a collaborative, sustainable, supportive mandala of people who are committed to becoming living examples of the human potential to embody wisdom, skill, compassion, tenderness, devotion and spontaneity.

Major Accomplishments of the Trident Fund

Over the past five years, Trident Fund donors have touched the lives and supported the sadhana of every person in our Mandala by substantially contributing to realizing the following major goals:

  • Applying for and receiving our official non-profit 501(c)3 designation;
  • Making Jaya Kula Press an official project of Jaya Kula;
  • Establishing and dramatically increasing the availability of low-income options for all workshops and discounted rates for retreats and yatras;
  • Continuing to upgrade the equipment that facilitates the live-stream teachings;
  • Making the move to our Maine center, Matrika House;
  • Paying for our first commercial rental space in Portland, Oregon
  • Increasing Shambhavi’s monthly stipend so she could quit her second job;
  • Hiring part-time administrative help for Shambhavi;
  • Making it possible for Shambhavi to travel to teach;
  • Publishing Shambhavi’s first book of poetry and Nine Poisons, Nine Medicines, Nine Fruits;
  • Paying for the new Jaya Kula website;
  • Establishing a health care emergency fund and travel grants for Mandala members;
  • Establishing an organizational reserve fund for emergencies and future special projects; and
  • Training the Board of Directors to hone the skills they need to guide Jaya Kula.

Activities: Creation, Maintenance and Destruction

The Trident Fund will continue to support activities that sustain Jaya Kula and will also embark on funding new projects to manifest our longer-term vision.

CREATION: Accomplishing bold new projects

  • Investing in the long-term preservation and dissemination of Shambhavi’s teachings on audio and video (ongoing)
  • Establishing Jaya Kula’s headquarters in the Bay Area (Spring 2019).
  • Making it possible for Shambhavi to undertake longer personal retreats

MAINTENANCE: Holding the crucible for teacher and students

  • Contributing to rental expenses and hosting costs.
  • Contributing to Shambhavi’s monthly stipend so that she doesn’t have to work outside of Jaya Kula.
  • Converting the current part-time Kuladhatri position into a full-time administrative position (2019-20)

 DESTRUCTION: Destroying obstacles to students getting teachings

  • Paying for Shambhavi to travel and give teachings.
  • Investing in new and improved live-stream infrastructure and collaboration tools.
  • Providing discounted teaching rates for lower income students attending teachings, retreats and yatras.
  • Providing financial assistance with airfare for lower income students flying to Jaya Kula’s main teaching center.

 Participation in The Trident Fund

  • Each contributor to the Trident Fund makes a substantial annual donation for a period of three years.
  • Annual contributions are due in the fourth quarter of each year (October 1 – December 31).
  • A semi-annual contribution option is available if that would make it easier for you to participate. Semi-annual contributions of half of the pledge amount are made by June 30 and December 31 of each year.

Levels of Participation

Oddiyana – $2000 or higher annually

Oddiyana is the home of dakinis, the subtle wisdom beings who transmit teachings into the human realm.

Kailash – $1000 to $1999 annually

Mt. Kailash is the Himalayan home of Lord Shiva.

Kashi – $500 to $999 annually

Kashi is the ancient name for Varanasi, Lord Shiva’s city of light.

thank you for being a donor to the Trident Fund!

Every single member of our Mandala benefits from the generosity of Trident Fund donors. Whenever someone enjoys a live-stream teaching, is able to come to a teaching because there is a low-income option, or benefits from Shambhavi being able to devote all of her time to Jaya Kula without working a second job, they are saying “Thank you!”

Please join us in stepping up to
the next level of serving
our community, our teacher and everyone.

To join the Trident Fund, please contact Matridarshana Lamb, our Board member in charge of the Trident Fund. Matri will answer your questions and concerns and can set up a face-to-face meeting with you.

To join the Trident Fund, your donation must be $500 or above. If you want to give a one-time, or smaller donation, visit the Giving page. THANK YOU!