Livestream with Shambhavi

Shambhavi is leading live chanting of the Mahamrtyunjaya mantra every morning from 9-9:30am Pacific time. Join her here or on her personal Facebook page.

The Mahamrtyunjaya is a Vedic mantra for healing and a prayer to Shiva for liberation. The version of the mantra chanted each morning is a “shruti,” a mantra that Shambhavi heard coming from both inside and outside while driving on Middle Street in Portland, Maine. She sang what she was hearing into her iPhone while stopped at an intersection. So she calls it “The Middle Street Mahamrtyunjaya.”

Download the words to the mantra in Devanagari, transliteration, and English so you can chant with Shambhavi.

Check out the video of the Jaya Kula community chanting the mantra if you want to enjoy at any time.

Mahamrtyunjaya Chanting starts at 9am Pacific Daily