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Welcome to our community gallery!

You may view and/or download any of these images and print them out as long as you keep them forever free. To view more extensive photographic records of Jaya Kula special events, visit our Flickr.  For random photos, spontaneously posted, visit Jaya Kula on Instagram.

Photos of Anandamayi Ma

During her lifetime, Ma instructed that any images of her remain forever free. Jaya Kula honors that instruction by providing free, hi-resolution photos of Ma on our website and at teachings. Feel free to download and print out these images for your altar, home or business.

Jaya Kula Mandala

The Mandala is what we call our entire community of folks near and far who participate in waking up together. Here are some photos of our Mandala for your enjoyment.

Photos of Shambhavi