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GET Help with Seva Signup

Students who are regular students of Shambhavi’s may sign up for Thursday office hours with her on Signup Genius. Students who are trained as hosts, or who are participating in other seva, may also sign up on Signup Genius. Just click the image below.
sign up!
If you have any technical questions about signing up for Seva using Signup Genius, contact nirmana [at] or (207) 274-0520 (text preferred).

If you have any questions about participating in Seva, contact devamadhu108 [at] or (207) 653-8838 (text preferred).

Hosting is central to the culture of Jaya Kula and to our practice of waking up. Our students have prepared a moving statement about the sadhana of hosting. Please take a moment to read it.

The Sadhana of Hosting(PDF)

get help with Slack, Asana, Dropbox, & Paper

If you are already participating on one or more of Jaya Kula’s online collaboration platforms, or if you have received an invitation to join our Slack, please direct your questions to bhanudas108 [at]

Get help attending retreats

The Concierge for the upcoming Summer 2018 retreat is Matri Lamb. You can contact her at matri.lamb [at]

Get help with the website

Contact nirmana [at]