Bad Day or Good Day?

Perspective on a Bad Day
June 6, 2019

Are you having a bad day or a good day? Shambhavi totally messes with the whole good/bad thing in this funny podcast about perspective and relating to circumstances from a bigger point of view. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

Podcast First Words

So I thought today I’d tell you about what a terrible day I had. But there’s a trick!

I have to get pedicures because I have ingrown toenails on my big toes, and I also get calluses on the bottom of my feet because I don’t walk evenly. So, you know, I have to tend to my feet. I went to get a pedicure, and they put some lotion on me, and I broke out in hives. There were blotches all over my ankles, legs, and on my hands where I touched my legs.

Then after having gotten a cold virus yesterday, I also got a computer virus. I’d done everything I knew how to do, but it didn’t work. So I took my computer down to a business in Northwest called Guy Geek. I had to leave my computer there overnight. So after getting hives, I went down to the Guy Geek office in Northwest. And they said, It’s fixed! It’s fine! We got it all out!

I took my computer and went to my favorite cafe to get some work done before having a meeting with a student via my computer. When I got there, my computer still had a virus.

So then I had to go back to Guy Geek in Northwest. Since I’m leaving on a plane tomorrow, I couldn’t leave my computer overnight. So I sat for two hours in this little office which was freezing cold with very high intensity air conditioning blowing on me. And they finally fixed it.

Then I realized that I’d left my very expensive and necessary noise cancellation headphones in the nail salon earlier. So I had to drive all the way from Northwest back to Sellwood.

So that’s one story of the day! Here’s the other story of the day.


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