Head in Butt or Vastness and Presence

Maine sky
January 7, 2017

Shambhavi riffs on discovering your real nature. You have to look up and look out and forget about yourself. Being on a path to Self-realization means you start investigating the fullness and vastness of the reality in which you actually live. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.


Apparently a new paper’s come out in some quantum mechanical journal. Another argument for multiple universes. So you know our universe is supposedly made up of galaxies upon galaxies. We live  on a planet, supposedly, and our planet is in a solar system. That’s a bunch of other planets rotating around a star we called the sun. I am just saying this because I discovered many, many years ago when I was a graduate student at Stanford that most of the other graduate students in the humanities didn’t even know what a planet was! Or the difference between a planet and a moon or a moon and a star! So just in case any of you are in that same condition, I am laying it out!

So we are on a planet, rotating around a star we call the sun, and there are a few other planets doing that. We call that a solar system, a system of planets rotating around a sun. And then , we live in a galaxy with our many, many, many billions of stars. And some of those stars also have planets rotating around them. And those galaxies, those billions of galaxies made of billions and billions and billions and scrillions of stars and, billions and zillions of planets, make up a universe.

And now those quantum physicists are saying there are many, many, many universes. And there might also be parallel universes, what they call the multiverse. That’s what this paper was actually about, sort of like Fringe. Don’t know whether you have seen that show where, existing simultaneously, stacked up, there are slightly different versions of each universe. Like there is, you know, a you running around doing something else in this other parallel universe that’s only slightly different from this one.


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