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Open Your Heart

Sada and Atmika
Episode No. 3

Shambhavi riffs about the nitty gritty work of opening your heart to others, the possibilities that arise when the heart is free and how feeling bad about yourself is not spiritual work. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.


Even if I don’t talk about him very much, there was an American Tantrik teacher: his name is Swami Rudrananda. He was from Brooklyn. He was a big barrel chested tough guy. Certainly a great practitioner and a great teacher. Even if I don’t talk about him that much, you really can’t underestimate [Shambhavi meant “overestimate”] how much he influenced me. I learned about him during a very important time in my life when I really needed those [his] teachings. He is, more than any teacher until Ma, the one who made me understand that this practice is about opening the heart.

Rudi taught in this particular style that he called meditation. He held sessions a couple of times a week above his antiques shop where he gave eye to eye transmissions and oral teachings. At some point he started touching people and giving Shaktipat with his hands also. He was in control of his energy, of that level of manifestation, so people felt a strong effect from that. But for me, Rudi was always about the heart.

One story that Rudi wrote about has stuck with me ever since I’ve read it. It’s still teaching me. It’s about what one does as a practitioner, about what is the most important thing that one does as a practitioner. It’s not what some people think a practitioner does, but it’s beautiful story.

Listen to the podcast to hear the story, and also find it in Rudi In His Own Words, page 23.