Self-realization and the Evolution of Yogurt

Dannon truck
December 31, 2016

Shambhavi gives a hilarious satsang about the evolution of yogurt from the 1960s to today and how that relates to the process self-realization and the refinement of taste. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.


[As you wake up you] find your usual pleasures to be hollow and boring. You find the usual things that you do to be tasteless, or tawdry, or gross, or hollow, or boring. Whoo hoo! So it’s like what happened to me growing up.

No one ever heard of yogurt. The word was not mentioned. Yogurt. Yeah. No, yogurt was not a thing in 1956 when I was born in the US. Just wasn’t a thing. And it may be sometime like when I was like twelve or thirteen, Dannon came along. It was full of sugar, it was highly processed, but it was healthy. So we we all ate a lot of sugary yogurt, because it was healthy because it was yogurt. And actually it was kind of weird. Y’know, it came in containers like they do. It was all like blended with the sugar and some sort of preserves or something, and it had this smell like vaguely like Play Dough. It had a strange smell. It was strangely, artificially glossy. Not really sure what was going on with that. But, then ignorance started to lift. Then we got yogurt that you mixed yourself! That was much healthier than pre-blended yogurt. It had some little preserves on the bottom and on the top was just yogurt.


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