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Stupid Smarts

limited vision
Episode No. 44

The ordinary function that we call intelligence is actually quite dense and stale. It’s really unintelligent! Spiritual practice gets us in touch with primordial intelligence which is always clear and fresh and spontaneous. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.


The reason why that ordinary function we call intelligence isn’t really what I call intelligence, is because that ordinary function is operating under the mistaken impression of Anavamala, the root sense of separation.

The ordinary intelligence that most people are operating with most of the time is telling you that you are the main factor in charting a course in your life. You use that ordinary intelligence to evaluate, to analyze, to plan, to think about possibilities: what could happen, what might happen. You use it to compare and contrast, to think about pros and cons. And it’s all based on the assumption that you can decide and plan and analyze in a vacuum, all by your little lonesome self. And that what’s going on in your mind is a real engagement with life and a real description of what’s going on in reality. We are so overcome with this mistaken concept of ordinary intelligence. It is so unintelligent!