Talking About Spiritual Experience

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September 30, 2021

When we exaggerate spiritual accomplishment, we lose the magic. Get real to discover the real fruits of practice. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

Podcast First Words

I wanted to tell you about a conversation I had today with somebody.

Some of you know the story of an experience that I had the first time I went to Anandamayi Ma’s ashram in Varanasi. That story got told by someone I’m friendly with in a little newsletter he puts out. He asked if he could do that, and I said okay.

Then unbeknownst to me that little newsletter circulated to the Ma ashrams in India. Then also unbeknown to me—I just found this out maybe six months ago—a story began to coagulate around this.

How it got back to me was that a newscaster in Southern India somewhere—I think in Tamil Nadu, but I’m not sure exactly—told a story of a Western woman who traveled all over India. She went from guru to guru, never meeting the master until she went to the ashram in Varanasi and had this spectacular experience of shaktipat on the balcony there.

So apparently it’s become this thing.

Only a little bit of that is true. I did not go all over India looking for a master.

Anyway, so then today somebody who gives satsang writes to me and says they gave satsang and they talked about that experience that I had. They somehow found out about it. Maybe from the Jaya Kula website because I eventually did write about it.

They sent me a link to listen to this. And so I listened to it.

There was about 15% of a kernel of truth there, and all the rest of it was just—I don’t even know where it came from.

So it just reminded me of how stories about spiritual accomplishment get told and retold, and how the weird part of it is that they get overblown.

But then the magic gets lost.

I was just thinking as I was sitting there that the magic is absolutely real, but we have to be real to experience the magic. It’s kind of interesting.


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