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What Happens in Satsang?

Matrika satsang
Episode No. 28

Shambhavi gives a short and sweet talk about satsang. What is satang? Why do we gather for satsang, and what happens during a satsang at Jaya Kula? A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.


Satsang is probably the most ancient form of spiritual practice. It just means being in reality together. Most of the time when we’re running around in our ordinary lives, we’re not being very aware, and we’re not being very connected. We’re in our little “I pod,” and we have goals. We’re sort of high tailing it towards those goals, and we’re only in a state of semi-consciousness a lot of the time. So, satsang is a place where you can come and have an experience, or have many experiences, possibly, of just reconnecting with what is of most value to you, and also just reconnecting period.

That feeling of relaxation is important. Sometimes in satsang that can be a special feeling of relaxation, and then many, many other things can happen, too. The idea is that you just get together with other people who, if not sharing the same path, at least share a feeling of yearning, and with someone who has done some spiritual practice. Anything can happen.