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How to Work with a Tantrik Teacher

Episode No. 60

How can practitioners get the most out of a relationship with their teacher? How is working with a Tantrik teacher different? A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.


This week, I was reminded of how difficult it is for some people to understand how to relate to a teacher of tantra. Some people have a natural feeling for it, and other people are mystified to horrified. How much of an understanding of it you have really is your karma. How much you can understand what the teacher is doing, how the teacher is working with you is your karma; you can come with that. And you can also learn that. But there’s something that you bring to the situation already formed. That’s my experience personally, and it’s also my experience working with students. Some students, no matter how much I point things out about how it works, don’t really ever naturally get it. Other students get it from the beginning.