You Are What You Eat

Spiritual Digestion
October 2, 2019

Are you eating well? Is your digestion good? Shambhavi talks about choosing relationships, circumstances, and media that support our spiritual path. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

Podcast First Words

This dharma talk has a title: You Are What You Eat (Unless You Have Good Digestion). So if you have good digestion and you eat a doughnut one time—it won’t really have any negative impact on you. If you have impaired digestion and you eat a doughnut—you might feel kinda yucky, but eventually you’ll get over it.

But whether you have good digestion or impaired digestion, if you keep eating doughnuts everyday, you’re going to end up sick. Because nobody can healthily digest that kind of food everyday for years on end. It’s going to have health impacts. It’s going to have more health impacts if you’re already experiencing weak digestion, and fewer if you have good digestion. But it’s still going to have impacts. Eventually, even though you feel sick, you’re going to want the doughnut. And when you really are in the disease process, when you’ve really kicked off a disease process, you’re going to want the doughnut more than you’re going to want good health.

So as people, as humans wanting to wake up, live a good life, be able to express ourselves, and not be too beleaguered by compulsion and fixation, we have to pay attention to what food we are eating. Because we’re eating a lot of food that’s hard for us to digest. And by food I mean media, relationships, physical environments, work environments, natural environments, urban environments, all kinds of environments, and people that are hard for us to digest


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