Your Real Nature

Shambhavi and ghee
January 2, 2019

Direct realization is a practice of discovering profound naturalness, or resting in your real nature. What does this mean? A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

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Podcast First Words

In the two traditions that I’ve mainly studied in—Trika Shaivism from North India and the Dzogchen tradition of Tibet—the masters of the tradition and the texts or scriptures are always talking about something called “your real nature.” It’s probably the most common phrase in the traditions—you’re trying to discover or embody your real nature. It means the same thing in both of the traditions: that which is indestructible, alive, self-aware and has energy, some kind of creative energy. It also means that which is without the limitations we normally associate with human life. Most importantly it means something that is everywhere equally.

By doing things like meditation, mantra, and things like that, we discover that real nature which has always been there and has just been obscured in some way or another.

Our real nature has many different names. One of those names is God. My teacher Anandamayi Ma said “know yourself,” meaning know your real nature. She said if you know God, you will also know your real nature. In the Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism), God is not your own self. God is not your real nature. God is your master. God is your better. God is your superior. God is your creator. But those traditions are dualistic—God and all other creatures that are God’s creations are separate. They’re made of different stuff.

In the Dzogchen tradition, Trika Shaivism, and a bunch of other traditions from that part of the world, there’s a continuity between your real nature and whatever we would call God. They’re identical.

So God isn’t the only other name for your real nature. There are plenty of other names like all the other Gods in the Indian tradition and in the Tibetan tradition.


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