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Dear Friends,

This is the place to find out about Jaya Kula happenings and protocols during the shelter-in-place. We have also established a Facebook group where up-to-the minute schedule changes and livestream opportunities are posted. Visit Jaya Kula News to join.

Satsang and kirtan are happening 2x a week via Zoom livestream (and sometimes 3x).

shelter in satsang schedule

  • every Wednesday at 6:30pm Pacific
  • every Sunday 3:30pm Pacific
  • some Saturdays at 3:30pm Pacific (check our calendar to find out)

Dharma talk, open satsang, and kirtan.

shelter in satsang zoom access

The Zoom URL is available on our Jaya Kula News Facebook group. Please request to join in order to gain access to the livestream satsang and to find out about guest kirtan wallahs and other special happenings.

Shelter in Satsang kirtan and chants

Visit our webpage, How to Chant Stotras, for PDFs and mp3s and even videos of all of our current opening and closing chants. You’ll also find the chants for the names of Anandamayi Ma.

And here is a PDF with the words to many of the kirtans we sing in satsang: Jaya Kula Kirtan 2020

Chant the Mahamrtyunjaya mantra for healing with Shambhavi

Join Shambhavi every morning from 9-9:30am Pacific Time to chant the Mahamrtyunjaya, a Vedic mantra for healing and liberation. “Mahamrtyunjaya” means “great victory over death.”

Get the words to the mantra

Join in on Facebook or Youtube

Shambhavi livestreams the mantra chanting starting at 9am every day to her personal Facebook page and to Jaya Kula’s YouTube channel.

Wisdom words

EVERY 2ND and 4th Tuesday

Join us for Wisdom Words where we read spiritual teaching texts and talk about them while drinking tea and laughing a lot. Wisdom Words discussions are bold, personal, irreverent, reverent, hilarious, moving, revelatory, and immediately applicable to our lives.


More info and registration here

Our Move to the East Bay

Jaya Kula’s main teaching space has relocated to Berkeley, California. We will continue to implement the Covid-19 protocols as recommended by the State of California and local counties. Check the calendar to find out what is being offered and how you might attend teachings.