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Full Moon Healing with Shambhavi Sarasvati

April 15 2022

Friday, Apr 15, 2022


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with Shambhavi Sarasvati

Shambhavi offers a traditional Tibetan healing ritual for the benefit of anyone who attends and all beings.

Participants internally ask for relief from specific illnesses and obstructions and lie on the floor resting in a meditative state while the ritual is performed. For those familiar with Tibetan Buddhism, the ritual is for purification of the six realms of samsara.

How to Prepare

On the day of the ritual, prepare a comfortable place for yourself to lie down. You may lie on the floor, on a bed, or couch. Be sure to have a warm covering such as a blanket. Also be sure that the volume on your livestream device is loud enough that you can clearly hear the ritual. Your crown should point toward Shambhavi. You do not need to see the screen in order for the healing to work. Feel free to relax and close your eyes. Try to remain lying down for the duration of the ritual.


The Full Moon Healing will be livestreamed to everyone. Complete the free registration to receive the zoom link. Click here for the zoom link

There will also be limited in-person attendance at our center in Berkeley, California. We will be following all current local and State requirements related to masking and social distancing for organizations at the time of this teaching.


How to donate

The healing ritual is offered on a Give What You Can Basis.  Any amount is welcome. Kindly write “healing” in the Paypal memo line. Thank you.

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About the teacher

Shambhavi Sarasvati

Shambhavi emphasizes the more explicitly devotional teachings and practices of Trika Shaivism and Dzogchen and direct knowing through encounters with the wisdom of the heart. She is also known for making complex teachings about the nature of the self and reality understandable, practical, and always relatable to everyday experience. Her teachings are grounded in her more than thirty-five years of daily personal practice and personal retreats.

Generosity is a fountain of living light at the heart of creation. Having opened your heart and recognized its identity with the heart of the divine, you want to be here giving and giving throughout your natural lifetime. This is the essence of realization.” ~Shambhavi

You can read more about Shambhavi’s background, training and publications here.


Apr 15, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm PDT
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