How to Attend Jaya Kula Teachings

Jaya Kula is livestreaming teachings and is also open for in-person attendance on a limited basis in Berkeley,  CA. 

  • How to attend satsang via Zoom: We have established a Facebook group where livestream login information is posted. Visit Jaya Kula News on Facebook to join.
  • How to attend other teachings via Zoom: About a week before the teaching, everyone who has registered will be added to a Slack channel for the teaching. The zoom link, handouts, and other announcements will be shared in the Slack channel. If you’re not already a member of Jaya Kula Slack, you will receive an invite and more information via email.
  • How to attend satsang or other teachings live in Berkeley: Drop a line to Jaya Kula’s administrator, Nirmana. She’ll send you instructions. You and everyone in your household must be fully vaccinated and masks are required. 🤗

NOTICE: As of August 3rd, all Bay Area counties have reinstated the requirement to wear face masks indoors in public settings regardless of vaccination status.  If this changes, we will update this page.

Satsang with shambhavi is happening 2x per week

  • every Wednesday at 6:30pm Pacific 
  • every Sunday at 3:30pm Pacific

Satsang with Shambhavi includes a short dharma talk, a free flowing conversation during which you can ask about anything you like, and kirtan. Learn more about satsang.

protocols for attending satsang and other teachings in person

  1. Drop a line to Jaya Kula’s administrator, Nirmana. Tell her you want to attend satsang or another teaching live. She’ll send you instructions. 
  2. Seating is still limited due to the pandemic. You must sign up to reserve a spot. You must also fill out a questionnaire before you show up in person for the teaching. The questionnaire is related to COVID-19 safety. All of the instructions will be included in the email from Nirmana. 
  3. Only fully vaccinated people who live in households where everyone is vaccinated will be admitted to teachings in person. As of the August 3rd public order, you must wear a mask while attending satsang or other teachings regardless of your vaccination status.

We realize that you may have good reasons for not being vaccinated. However, currently the virus is being transmitted among unvaccinated folks at a rate comparable to the rate at the height of the pandemic. You are also at some risk of being infected by vaccinated folks and vise-versa. We don’t want to provide an occasion for you or others to become infected. Here is an article that was helpful to us in making our decision.


Shambhavi will travel to Oregon in December 2021, pandemic allowing. Check here for Shambhavi’s updated travel schedule. More information will be posted here about in-person attendance in Oregon in due time.