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We don’t cultivate a meditative experience. We practice to drop the habits that obscure natural meditation. ~Shambhavi Sarasvati

Let’s Meditate!

Check it out. Shambhavi offers five short guided meditation practices. She recommends meditating along with the guided instructions several times. Then try to practice without listening to the recordings.



Rather than being a watcher, become immersed in the subtle breath and discover that you are full of vital energy and primordial intelligence.  Length: approximately 11 mins


Breath Immersion and the Golden Egg meditation

Discover your vital energy, primordial  intelligence, and indestructible wisdom. Rather than being a watcher, become immersed in the subtle breath and then experience hiranyagarbha, the golden egg in the center of the heart space. Hiranyagarbha is an ancient living symbol of your eternal wisdom and value. Length: approximately 15 mins


tonglen meditation

Tonglen is a Tibetan word that means “giving and receiving.” The practice of Tonglen helps us to discover that generosity is nourishing and that being generous helps us to feel our wealth. Tonglen supports us to get over our fear of impermanence and heal ourselves and others. Shambhavi leads a powerful, nondual version of Tonglen.  Length: approximately 18 mins


listening abiding meditation

At Jaya Kula, we learn meditation in three stages: Listening Abiding, Shamatha, and Sahaja or Natural Contemplation. Here is the Listening Abiding meditation guided by Shambhavi. Once you get the hang of it,  stop using the recording and allow yourself to become immersed in the changing texture of each day’s practice. Length: approximately 20 mins


open Gate Standing meditation

Open gate is a direct, experiential method for opening the gates of the body, energy, and mind. While not strictly a meditation, it prepares you for entering into any practice in a direct realization way. Once you learn and experience the standing, external open gate posture, you can just “drop into” an inner open gate orientation while in any position, wherever you are. You will no longer need to listen to the recording or go through all of the steps. You will just know how to do it instantly.

At Jaya Kula, we try to be in open gate posture when we begin our seated practice and anytime we can remember to access it.  Length: Approximately 15 minutes.