Feet plus Mind: Practical Advice for Titans

Feet at Willard
December 31, 2015

Walk with your mind married
to the bottoms of your feet

Feel the ground, the floor
feel its texture, temperature and slant
feel your feet straighten and bend,
come and go

Your feet carry the weight of
a great sanity:
you are an ordinary being
in an ordinary world among
infinite worlds and lives

Walking and wandering,
you will never arrive
until you understand

When you stray
into thoughts of accomplishment
or discontent
become aware
of the bottoms of your feet
and live there
as the world moves on
its roundabout course.

This way of walking is good medicine for the illness of bothering to be
anything but yourself.

Poem and practical advice for Titans by Shambhavi Sarasvati on the occasion of New Years 2016.