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Is Shambhavi available to teach outside of the Bay Area?

Yes. Please use the contact form to get in touch if you would like to set up teachings in your area.

Does Shambhavi teach neo-Tantra (practices focused on personal sexual enjoyment)?


Does Jaya Kula offer any teacher trainings, certificates or continuing education credits?

Everything we offer at Jaya Kula is for the purpose of giving people the tools and support they need to self-realize. Our emphasis is on individually and collectively doing spiritual practice. For this reason, we do not offer teacher trainings, certificate courses, or continuing education credits.

Will you place a link to my site on Jaya Kula?

Probably not. Jaya Kula is not a general promotional site.

Can I use blog postS or other content from Jaya Kula with my students or on my website?

The writings and learning tools featured on Jaya Kula are fully copyrighted. You are free to distribute our blog posts, other articles, and learning tools in any non-commercial context. Anyone who wishes to reference, quote, or reproduce postings or other content from the Jaya Kula website in a non-commerical context must clearly indicate the source of the material by including an active URL link to the post or page containing the material you are using and Shambhavi Sarasvati’s name. You may not alter the material in any way.

If you copy entire pages of this website, or a substantial amount of content from this website in order to create or enhance your website, this will be treated as duplicate content and will be reported as such to search engines with a request for immediate removal. In cases of severe abuse, you will receive a cease and desist order from Jaya Kula’s attorney.

If you wish to use Jaya Kula postings in any commercial context, or context for which you are receiving payment, write to Shambhavi and request permission. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. This includes using the materials on websites that have been created largely for the purpose of earning money from paid advertising.