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Help us bring the teachings to more people like you.

If you are enjoying our offerings, please consider pitching in so that all of the teachings, podcasts, books, videos, and opportunities to join together in community can continue. We are a 100% community-supported, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Thank you!

Donate Now

Here are some other nifty ways to give.

Milk Ghee OjAs

Milk Ghee Ojas (MGO) is an easy, sliding-scale monthly giving program. When you participate in Milk Ghee Ojas, you’ve donated for satsangs, study groups, and other regular gatherings. Learn more about mGO

The Trident Fund

The Trident Fund is a Guardian giving program that allows Jaya Kula to maintain financial stability, plan for the future, and take on larger, longer-term expenses and special projects. Learn more about The Trident Fund


Dashamamsha is an income-based Guardian giving program. In most cases, people who participate in Dashamamsha may attend all satsangs, regular and special teachings, live-streams, on-going teaching cycles and retreats without making further donations. Learn more about Dashamamsha

Leave a Legacy

One way to express your commitment to benefitting others is to remember Jaya Kula in your will. Your legacy gift will nourish and energize the Jaya Kula Mandala and will help to keep the teachings available for others in the years to come. Learn more about leaving a legacy