Anandamayi Ma on the True Guru

Anandamayi Ma - How to Follow a Guru
February 12, 2020

There is no Guru without following. When we make contact with Guru—in the form of another human being, in the form of circumstance, in the form of the promptings of the wisdom heart—we can only relate to that true Guru by following. We use our freedom to responsively follow. Otherwise, the Guru function, while still guiding us, is doing so without our conscious participation. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

Podcast First Words

Anandamayi Ma often said that she made no decisions. She was extremely decisive, but she said she made no decisions, ever. She said she had no freedom whatsoever. Because she was responding to something and following something. She was a direct expression of something, of wisdom.

Most of you know that in this kind of tradition, there is no practice without Guru. And maybe what some of you haven’t quite put together yet is that there’s no Guru without following. We live in a very brittle, flat-world culture full of decision makers, where even the mention of living a life without making decisions seems absurd, unreal, undesirable, idiotic, dangerous, etc.

But what you’re doing when you’re not making decisions is you’re feeling for the wisdom of every moment. You’re trying to discern using your intelligence, your senses, your subtle body, your own access to wisdom, and if you should be so lucky to have a teacher, your teacher and your practice.

You’re using everything that you’ve got to feel which way you’re being guided to go. Or you’re just spontaneously responding to things without deciding or thinking in an analytic way, because you’re being in touch with your own wisdom.

So Ma was the embodiment of that primordial wisdom. She was showing us what it looks like to live when you’re thoroughly immersed in that. If you really want to wake up, then you really have an inner sense that that’s possible. Because you can’t want to wake up if you don’t already know that it’s possible. The desire doesn’t arise in full measure unless you somewhere in you have full confidence that it’s possible.


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