Anxiety and Patience in the Time of Coronavirus

Shambhavi Sad
April 22, 2020

Shambhavi talks about the difference between fear and anxiety. She offers some practical advice about working with our anxiety and how to bring fear onto the path. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

Podcast First Words

There’s two kinds of fear. One kind of fear is really anxiety. It’s when thoughts are rushing around in your head. When you’re feeling threatened, and you want to find some way out. And you feel this little engine of anxiety chugging along. We call that fear, but it’s really anxiety.

Fear—just plain old fear—is a very powerful sensation that just rushes through your whole body. It’s really not something that you can sustain for very long. But everyone feels fear. Everyone. In some circumstance or another, everyone feels the feeling of a tsunami in your nervous system when something shocking happens.

But not everybody feels anxiety. This is really the question. During this time, anxiety would cause us to continually, incessantly read articles about coronavirus. To watch every news show possible and try to find some answer that we can hold onto. To try and find something we can do to control the situation. That’s anxiety. Anxiety is looking for control.

The ultimate key to releasing anxiety is to recognize that you actually don’t have control, anything can happen, and that’s perfectly normal.


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