Chasing the Bag

Empty Fire Pit
June 24, 2020

Shambhavi talks about objects of desire and our attachments to concepts about what will make us happy. How do we waste our lives attempting to create stable “ground” out of impermanent objects of desire? A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

Podcast First Words

Everybody right now, think of whoever you had a crush on in sixth grade. Or you know, sometime when you were young. Think of the person you thought you were going to be with forever. And imagine if that actually happened, how utterly horrible that would be!

At every stage of our life, we might have objects of desire that we think are the thing that are going to make us happy. But the point is that as long as we have limited objects of desire, we’re never going to have the kind of happiness that this kind of practice promises us.

Part of the process—and it’s not all about this, but it’s part of the process—is having to be deprived of those things, so that we can examine our attachments to them more closely. When we’re getting what we think we want and what we think’s going to make us happy, we’re not examining things too much. Right? And there’s a lot of projection going on.

But when we’re deprived of those things, then it’s like all of our fixations start clamoring. Then as practitioners we have a chance to sit with that. We can feel our fixations in full force and understand how those are the energies that are behind our attachment to those objects of desire. We can understand that we can never be happy as long as we’re still operating that way in the world.

So maybe I’m just moving from seeking one object of desire, to seeking another one, to seeking another one. There are momentary feelings of pleasure and satisfaction and then disappointments when they inevitably go away. That’s like living like a rat in a cage.


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