Debt and Karma

Ma Altar
December 19, 2017

What is debt and how does it relate to karma? How can we avoid incurring more debt and entanglement? A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.

first words from the podcast

Today I want to talk about debt. We come here with a long history that is written into our body, our energy, and our mind. And we come here having been entangled in many different situations that are still working themselves out in time, that have not completed or resolved.

Any kind of pattern that has not completed or resolved is an encumbrance. It’s something that is limiting our expression. And so, the idea of debt is that we have incurred some sort of burden or some sort of entanglement in a situation. In a relative way, we have done something, and we are carrying a pattern of behavior, or something that happened, written into our body, our energy, our mind. Then because we are limited beings, from our relative perspective we have to respond to that in some way until it resolves.

If you take out a lot of student loans, more than you can afford to pay back, or you get into regular old debt, credit card debt, or you borrow money that you can’t really afford to pay back, then you’re in a situation where you have incurred a burden that you have to respond to, you are compelled to respond to it in some way, until it is resolved. And it might be resolved in this lifetime or it might not be resolved in this lifetime.

If you treat someone badly, then you get into a call and response situation that involves debt. It involves entanglement. If you do that and you don’t rectify it right away, you don’t apologize or do something to rectify it, then you are even more deeply entangled.

If you don’t treat yourself well, in terms of your health, then you incur debts in your body, or maybe in your mind also, because body and mind are very closely connected. The whole idea of karma, or karmic debt, is really what I’m talking about, and there is no other kind of debt. There’s not like money debt – and then karma debt. They’re all the same thing. Karma means activity, and karmic debt means an entanglement, or let’s just say a story line, that you have either bought into or created through your activity.


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