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Divine Madness

Episode No. 46

Shambhavi riffs on losing your earnestness and your ground as you participate more consciously in the playful, sportive, somewhat mad, display of consciousness and energy we call life. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.


There is a word that a lot of people know who hang aournd the yogic water cooler, and that word is Lila. It means sport, or play, or even childlike, effortless play. It also has the connotation of something with a hint of madness. I think that if yoga studios understood what is really meant by lila, of what it implies—that everything that we experience and everything we are is the sport of this consciousness and energy of God—I think they would stop naming themselves after it.  Because if we say that everything here is the lila of God, we’re basically saying: give up your earnestness, give up your suffering, give up everything because it’s all a display of playful, sportive, somewhat mad consciousness and energy.