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Get Strange

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Episode No. 61

During the process of waking up, we have to become estranged from our habituated ways of feeling and thinking. Normal has to feel strange! A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.


We have a friend named Shraddha. She’s in her 80’s, and she and her husband went to see Anandamayi Ma seven or eight times. They received teachings from Ma and received their names from Ma. Shraddha loves to tell the things that Ma said to her. And one of the things that Ma said to her that Shraddha repeats very, very often is, “Anything you don’t give to me, you will have to carry.”

It’s the teacher’s job to try to get you into a situation where you can give everything away. You have your ideas about how things should be, and you’re engaged in all your mind games. It’s the teacher’s job to shock you out of your normal ways of doing things and your normal desires and your normal assumptions: your conventional ideas about how reality is and how you are and how everybody else should be and to get you into more openness, to let you have an experience that however you are, and however you think everything should be, there is always another possibility.