Krishna’s Mocking Smile

Anandamayi Ma as Krisha
September 16, 2020

Krishna’s response to wrongdoing in the Mahabharata demonstrates a radical distinction between Hinduism and the Abrahamic traditions. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

Podcast First Words

So it occurred to me while we were chanting how much we’re attached to worrying. Not a new thought. What’s our fear about not worrying? If we consider giving up worrying about things, we feel fear.

What’s that fear? It’s the fear of being punished for not doing the right thing. That if we don’t make the right decision—choose the right course of action, say the right thing, take the right job, move to the right place, do this, do that, all the things we worry about—then we fear that if we make a bad choice (or what we think of as a bad choice), we’re going to be punished.

And so it’s very difficult to just sit and be in the liveliness of things without having something to grab onto to reassure ourselves that we’re not going to be punished. Or to reassure ourselves that we’re being good.

And of course all of this comes from the Abrahamic traditions, where God is punishing. And where God operates on an axis of reward and punishment. And this is very, very different from the traditions that we practice in. Very, very different.


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